Things I Do

I work part-time at a company called RandomStorm as a Security Engineer. 

Avid gamer, Blog Poster, Coder, and study Security Techniques in my spare time.

I'm currently the President of the Ethical Hacking Society at Leeds Metropolitan University. We run weekly sessions and I have given talks on security topics which have ranged from Information Gathering, Web exploitation techniques such as SQL Injection, Command Injection, and Logic Flaws.

Things I Like

Interested in External Network Penetration Testing, Web Application Penetration Testing, and Software Development.

I have experience programming in Ruby, C# and Powershell, and can use Linux, OSX, and Windows at an expert level.




Past Projects



Security School
During University I developed Security School, the website was used to teach people security concepts from the OWASP top 10.  


Web Template
During University I created a quick bootstrap themed Website for people to use which is avaliable on my github account.




I created a Capture The Flag (CTF) event for the Ethical Hacking Society. The CTF consited of 3 vulnerable hosts that could be exploited through metasploit.  The hosts were set-up with misconfigurations such as anonymous FTP, open samba shares, mountable NFS, and weak user credentials. Web vulnerabilities were also implemented such as SQL Injection, Command Injection, and Logic Flaws.

Current Development

You can view my Github account where you can see my active projects.


Security Simulator

My final year project named Security Simulator, is a Ruby application that uses Virtualisation software called Vagrant along side VirtualBox to randomly create vulnerable virtual machines only the fly.

General List

I am developing a Ruby application that takes results from reconnisance tools E.G Foca and generates a more realistic wordlist to be used in brute-force attacks.

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